1853 Gold Leaf Frame

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1853-A75Pretty cat 2000

1853-A70 Well behaved dogs 2000

1853-A66Pretty cat 2000

1853-A67Great looking dog 2000

1853-A68Mr. Philps dog 2000

1853-A69This stamp is messed up - a duck on a surprise sticker

1853-A62 Cardinal 2000

1853-A63 Cute white dogs 2000

1853-A64 Black and white cat 2000

1853-A65Black dog 2000

1853-A58 Cute little guy 2000

1853-A59 Yellow and black butterflies 2000

1853-A60 Butterfly 2000

1853-A61 Green parrot 2000

1853-A54 Brown and white horse 2000

1853-A55 Pretty horse 2000

1853-A56 German Shepard 2000

1853-A57 Kitten 2000

1853-A50 Looks like he's up to no good 2000

1853-A51 Look at those blue eyes 2000

1853-A52 Just hanging out 2000

1853-A53 Best friends 2000

1853-A46 Cutie pie 2000

1853-A47 Walking in the snow 2000

1853-A48 Laying under the table 2000

1853-A49 Cool dog 2000

1853-A42 Very cool shades 2000

1853-A43 Look how happy I am upside down on this stamp 2000

1853-A44 Sleeping on the sofa 2000

1853-A45 Another window watcher 2000

1853-A38 Laying around 2000

1853-A39 Waiting by the window 2000

1853-A40 Awh what a cutie 2000

1853-A41 Chilling out 2000

1853-A34 Two huskies 2000

1853-A35 Hmm I wonder what is in the bag 2000

1853-A36 Three's a crowd 2000

1853-A37 Leave me alone 2000

1853-A30 Getting ready to run 2000

1853-A31 Happy little guy 2000

1853-A32 Hanging out 2000

1853-A33 Look at that face 2000

1853-A25 Two black poodles 2000

1853-A26 Cute dog 2000

1853-A27 Not camera shy at all 2000

1853-A28 Horse on his hind legs 2000

1853-A29 She looks sad 2000

1853-A21 Enjoying life 2000

1853-A22 Waiting for someone to come home 2000

1853-A23 I didn't do it 2000

1853-A24 Three dogs in a tub 2000

1853-A17 Adorable 2000

1853-A18 Beautiful dog 2000

1853-A19 Exploring the wilderness 2000

1853-A20 This bed is mine 2000

1853-A13 Laying on the welcome mat guarding the house 2000

1853-A14 Dog playing near the lake 2000

1853-A15 Cat in a basket 2000

1853-A16 I see you 2000

1853-A9 Lounging around 2000

1853-A10 Enjoying the great outdoors 2000

1853-A11 Two cats in a basket 2000

1853-A12 Little one playing with his toy 2000

1853-A5 Cat in the snow 2000

1853-A6 Two cats looking out the window 2000

1853-A7 Playful kitty 2000

1853-A8 Starry eyes 2000

1853-A1 Kitten 2000

1853-A2 White cat 2000

1853-A3 Playful cat 2000

1853-A4 Cougar on stamp upside down 2000