1882b Gold Leaf Frame

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1882b-A23 Huskies pulling bobsled full of mail

1882b-A18 Isn't he cute 2001

1882b-A14 Laying on the table 2001

1882b-A15 Elephant 2001

1882b-A16Big fluffy dog

1882b-A17Two cats

1882b-A9 Laying around 2001

1882b-A10 Gorilla 2001

1882b-A11 Cute as can be 2001

1882b-A12 Owning the deck 2001

1882b-A13 Look at that face 2001

1882b-A5 Sleeping dog 2001

1882b-A6 Playing outside 2001

1882b-A7 Cute little guy 2001

1882b-A8 Pretty dog 2001

1882b-A1 Lazy cat 2001

1882b-A2 Tiger 2001

1882b-A3 Cougar on the prowl 2001

1882b-A4 Happy dog 2001