1918b Gold Leaf Frame

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1918b-A36 Ah look at that face 2002

1918b-A37Cute little dog

1918b-A31 All played out

1918b-A32 Polar bear

1918b-A33 Cute little dog 2002

1918b-A27 Very cute

1918b-A28 Three's a crowd

1918b-A29Cat on a bench

1918b-A30European Sparrows 2004

1918b-A23 Lazy dog

1918b-A24 Pretty dog

1918b-A25 Mama and little ones

1918b-A26 Friends

1918b-A18 Sitting by the pool 2003

1918b-A19 Standing on the deck

1918b-A20 Sitting on the deck

1918b-A21 You're not Santa

1918b-A22 Sad dog

1918b-A14 Black dog 2003

1918b-A15 White dog

1918b-A16 Cute face

1918b-A17 Dressed for the holidays 2003

1918b-A10 Cat closeup

1918b-A11 Twins

1918b-A12 Pretty eyes

1918b-A13 At the beach

1918b-A5 Pretty cat

1918b-A6 Lazy cat

1918b-A7 Serious cat

1918b-A8 Pretty dog

1918b-A9 Horse

1918b-A1 Cute dog 2004

1918b-A2 Sleeping cat

1918b-A3 Cougar

1918b-A4 Black kitty