2063 Silver Ribbon Frame

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2063-A164Pretty dog

2063-A160Black cat

2063-A161Butterfly on yellow flower

2063-A162Serious looking dog

2063-A163Beautiful dog

2063-A155Isn't he an angel

2063-A156Stained glass cat


2063-A158Cute little dog

2063-A159Isn't he cute

2063-A151Collie 2007

2063-A152Cute little dog

2063-A153Two black dogs

2063-A154Cute little dog

2063-A147 Ogopogo from sheet of 40 designed by pkstampdesigns@gmail.com 2012

2063-A148Two black cats 2009

2063-A149Two birds 2010

2063-A150Two birds 2010

2063-A143 Eastern box turtle created by W. McLaughlin 2005

2063-A144  Bichons a poil frise 2004

2063-A145  Kelley the cat 2006

2063-A146Ogopogo from sheet of 20 designed by pkstampdesigns@gmail.com 2012

2063-A139 Butterfly 2005

2063-A140 Out for a day on the lake

2063-A141 Deer in the backyard

2063-A142 Papilio brevicauda 2009

2063-A134 Saturnie cecropia

2063-A135 Whoa this horsey down

2063-A136 Rooster

2063-A137 Polypheme d'Amerique 2005

2063-A138 Black dog

2063-A130 Brothers or sisters

2063-A131 Little white dog

2063-A132 Horse and cart

2063-A133 Beautiful dog

2063-A126 What a big mouth you have

2063-A127 Polar bear

2063-A128 Mama and baby

2063-A129 Sleepy cat

2063-A122 Owl

2063-A123 Eagle

2063-A124 Fly on a flower

2063-A125 Damaged stamp of a poodle

2063-A118 Cardinal

2063-A119 A bird in the hand

2063-A120 A couple of tropical birds 2006

2063-A121 Geese

2063-A113 Interesting photo

2063-A114 Nice outfit - I think

2063-A115 Looking good

2063-A116 Beautiful photo

2063-A117 Pretty face

2063-A108 Nice photo

2063-A109 Sitting in the sun

2063-A110 Oh my what a cutie

2063-A111 Playing outside

2063-A112 Hey little doggie

2063-A104 Shark

2063-A105 Whale 2009

2063-A106 Sneeky little guy

2063-A107 Pretty dog

2063-A100 Oscar the red eared turtle designed by B. Cannon 2005

2063-A101 Mad cat

2063-A102 Sitting by the door

2063-A103 Spotted frog 2008

2063-A95 Cute little guy

2063-A96 Looks like they both want the same spot on the sofa

2063-A97 On your mark, get set - go

2063-A98 Brown dog

2063-A99 Cute dog

2063-A90 At ease

2063-A91 What a long tongue you have 2010

2063-A92 Cute as can be

2063-A93 Pretty sure this is Charlie

2063-A94 Handsome scarf 2012

2063-A86 Nice outfit

2063-A87 Snuggled together

2063-A88 Lazy cat

2063-A89 Cute as a button

2063-A82 Black face

2063-A83 Pretty cat

2063-A84 Yume the cat 2007

2063-A85 Little white kitten 2008

2063-A78 Orange cat

2063-A79 Lazy cat

2063-A80 Pretty cat

2063-A81 Sassy cat

2063-A73 Enoying the good life

2063-A74 Santa dog

2063-A75 Sitting on the dock of the bay

2063-A76 Just chilling

2063-A77 How cute is he

2063-A69 Grrrrr

2063-A70 Peeking through the blinds

2063-A71 Looking out the window

2063-A72 Great photo

2063-A65 Nice profile

2063-A66 Cute yorkies

2063-A67 Black dog

2063-A68 Two cats on a shelf

2063-A60 Ha I'm still taller than your flower

2063-A61 Max designed by pkstamp designs @gmail.com 2012

2063-A62 Sheep dog

2063-A63 Playing in the basket of fruit

2063-A64 Playing in the snow

2063-A56 We're not camera shy

2063-A57 Two happy little dogs

2063-A58 Fluffy ears

2063-A59 Cool scarf

2063-A52 Hanging out

2063-A53 Looking prim and proper

2063-A54 Aren't they cute

2063-A55 He's my protector

2063-A47 Black dog

2063-A48 Posing for the camera

2063-A49 Pretty dog

2063-A50 Very cute

2063-A51 I'm really cold, how long do I have to sit here?

2063-A42 Foxy cat

2063-A43 Very cute

2063-A44 Happy dog

2063-A45 Looks a little sad

2063-A46  Cute jacket

2063-A38 A pair of german shepards

2063-A39 Happy birthday twins

2063-A40 Posing for the camera

2063-A41 27th Annual Sequin Dog Mail Run 2011

2063-A34 Champion Defi de la Draille des Cailloux 2004

2063-A35 All tired out

2063-A36 Pretty in Pink

2063-A37 Kilo and Loki

2063-A30 Relaxing in the chair

2063-A31 Lounging outside

2063-A32 Look at that face

2063-A33 Year of the dog 2006

2063-A26 Laying in the snow

2063-A27 Cute little dog

2063-A28 All dressed for the holidays

2063-A29 Little black dog

2063-A22 Pretty face

2063-A23 Looking out at the snow

2063-A24 Black dog

2063-A25 At the beach

2063-A17 Yume the cat 2007

2063-A18 Fiesty little one

2063-A19 Look up - look way up!!!

2063-A20 Black cat

2063-A21 Show off

2063-A13 Pretty dog

2063-A14 Nice and cozy

2063-A15 Black dog

2063-A16 Sitting in the chair

2063-A9 Very sleepy

2063-A10 Protecting dad

2063-A11 Pablo de la Buthiere 2004

2063-A12 Francoeur de Franbel 2004

2063-A5 Outside in the yard

2063-A6 Happy little dog

2063-A7 Snowball the cat and Heidi the poodle 2006

2063-A8 Blossom

2063-A1 Playing in the grass

2063-A2 All comfy cozy

2063-A3 Very cute

2063-A4 Just laying around