2064 Picture Frame

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2064-A231Great photo of a bird in a tree

2064-A232Isn't he adorable

2064-A233 Cute dog

2064-A227Cute cat

2064-A228Pretty cat


2064-A230Little dog dressed in his winter coat

2064-A223Nice dog and cat art

2064-A224Cute dogs

2064-A225Cute little dog

2064-A226 Pretty dog

2064-A219 Bird in a tree

2064-A220Great looking dog


2064-A222Great looking dog

2064-A215  Le cougar de l'est 2008

2064-A216 A Great dog stamp 2012

2064-A217 Birds flying around looking for food

2064-A218 Lots of penguins

2064-A210 Bear in the water

2064-A211Laying at the beach

2064-A212 Ginger designed by B. Cannon 2012

2064-A213 Pretty dog 2012

2064-A214Two birds in a tree

2064-A206  Jag and Sage boxers designed by B. Cannon 2005

2064-A207 Jag (boxer) memorial designed by B. Cannon 2007

2064-A208 Happy dog 2005

2064-A209 Eastern box turtle created by W. McLaughlin 2005

2064-A202 Sleepy dog

2064-A203Butterfly and old maple tree, Langley BC designed by B. Cannon 2005

2064-A204 Green sea turtle, Funafuti Tuvalu Islands designed by B. Cannon 2007

2064-A205 Molly designed by B. Cannon 2012

2064-A198 Eagle head

2064-A199 Damaged stamp but pretty cat

2064-A200  Damaged stamp with beautiful dog 2012

2064-A201 Cute dog

2064-A194 Hanging out

2064-A195 Why so sad

2064-A196 Pretty face

2064-A197 Beautiful dog

2064-A190 Pretty face

2064-A191 Dinosaur drawing

2064-A192 Penguins 2004

2064-A193 Well we all know what he is doing

2064-A186 Pure black

2064-A187 Pretty dog

2064-A188 Chilling at the park

2064-A189 Nice profile

2064-A181 Little piggy

2064-A182 Woodpecker

2064-A183 Pretty bird

2064-A184 Happy dog

2064-A185 Multi colored dog

2064-A177 Pretty green scarf

2064-A178 Cute little one

2064-A179 Animal skull

2064-A180 Laying on the deck

2064-A173 Playing at the lake

2064-A174 Waiting by the door

2064-A175 Playing on the deck

2064-A176 Sleeping beauties

2064-A169 Very cute

2064-A170 The odd couple

2064-A171 Brother and sister

2064-A172 The bear killed it 2006

2064-A165 Pals 2009

2064-A166 My scarf is better than yours

2064-A167 Mama and little one

2064-A168 His and hers

2064-A161 Best friends 2005

2064-A162 More besties

2064-A163 Two photos in one

2064-A164 Playmates

2064-A157 Big white dog

2064-A158 Very cute

2064-A159 Family of kittens

2064-A160 Nap time

2064-A153 Outside in the yard 2012

2064-A154 Dog on the rocks 2004

2064-A155 Nice black and white photo

2064-A156 All worn out

2064-A148 Blue-green seahorse 2010

2064-A149 Playing in the garden

2064-A150 Checking out the scenery

2064-A151 Brown horse

2064-A152 Christmas bunny

2064-A144 Nice profile

2064-A145 There's lots of snow out here

2064-A146 Taking a break

2064-A147 Flying at the dog show

2064-A140 A day in the woods

2064-A141 Playing in the snow

2064-A142 Cricket is my name

2064-A143 Out in the front yard

2064-A136 Leave me be

2064-A137 What big eyes you have

2064-A138 Nope you don't need a dentist, they look good

2064-A139 Relaxing outside

2064-A132 Sleeping dog

2064-A133 Business dog

2064-A134 Just sitting around

2064-A135 Happy little guy

2064-A127 Looking a little grumpy

2064-A128 Therapy dog 2006

2064-A129 I'm happy, really

2064-A130 Just laying around

2064-A131 A horse of course

2064-A122 Close up

2064-A123 Pretty face

2064-A124 Cute as a button

2064-A125 Santa dog

2064-A126 Pretty white dog

2064-A118 Beautiful photo

2064-A119 Nice black dog

2064-A120 Don't worry mom, I can jump over this

2064-A121 That's a big fluffy tail you have

2064-A114 Nice ball cap

2064-A115 Cute little dog

2064-A116 All dressed for Santa

2064-A117 All leashed up

2064-A110 Playing in the water

2064-A111 Handsome with his scarf

2064-A112 Relaxing outside

2064-A113 Cool close up

2064-A106 Just hanging out

2064-A107 Awh!!!

2064-A108 Nice close up

2064-A109 Cute little dog

2064-A102 I ain't nothing but a hound dog!!

2064-A103 Yes I can hear you

2064-A104 Adorable

2064-A105 Maxmas designed by pkstamp designs @gmail.com 2012

2064-A97 I'm thirsty

2064-A98  Beautiful pose

2064-A99 Smile for the camera

2064-A100  Yes I'm cute

2064-A101  Staying cool on the floor

2064-A93 Very cute

2064-A94 Nice and cozy

2064-A95 Having a little race

2064-A96 Cute dog

2064-A88 Handsome dog

2064-A89 Sit - good dog

2064-A90 Max designed by pkstamp designs @gmail.com 2012

2064-A91 Look at that face

2064-A92 Pretty dog

2064-A84 Looking out the window

2064-A85 Playing catch

2064-A86 Brown and white horse

2064-A87 Cute little dog

2064-A80 Playing outside

2064-A81 Relaxing outside

2064-A82 Hiding in the bushes

2064-A83 Looking great

2064-A76 You talking to me

2064-A77 Laying on the sofa

2064-A78 Sitting on the deck

2064-A79 All prettied up

2064-A72 Cute litte dog

2064-A73 Large black dog

2064-A74 Running along 2005

2064-A75 Looking a little mischevious 2006

2064-A68 Another Black dog

2064-A69 Showing off

2064-A70 Adorable

2064-A71 You're not taking the hose

2064-A64 Seals on the beach

2064-A65 Fluffy little dog

2064-A66 Great dane

2064-A67 Black dog

2064-A60 Man on an elephant

2064-A61 Guinea pig

2064-A62 Horse and buffalo

2064-A63 Deer

2064-A56 Bull drawing

2064-A57 Bull

2064-A58 Rat wearing glasses

2064-A59 Butterfly

2064-A52 Cow drinking

2064-A53 Bunny rabbit

2064-A54 Horses

2064-A55 Elephants

2064-A48 Yawning cat

2064-A49 Black and white cat

2064-A50 Pretty green eyes

2064-A51 Panda

2064-A43 Ginger designed by B. Cannon 2012

2064-A44 Happy dog

2064-A45 Dog in the woods

2064-A46 Pretty dog

2064-A47 Sad looking dog

2064-A39 Andean flamingo photo by Flo Boyko

2064-A40 Carickfergus

2064-A41 Very cute

2064-A42 Cute puppy

2064-A34 Mischievous cat

2064-A35 Cat on the prowl

2064-A36 Fluffy kitten

2064-A37 Express mail cat

2064-A38 Almost nap time

2064-A29 Brown and black cat

2064-A30 Playful cat

2064-A31 Pretty blue eyes

2064-A32 Fluffy cat

2064-A33 Handsom looking cat

2064-A25 Cat sitting on outside table 2005

2064-A26 Cat sitting on outside chair

2064-A27 Cat lying on the walkway

2064-A28 Cat soup

2064-A21 Tiger

2064-A22 Green eyed cat

2064-A23 Cute little guy

2064-A24 Cat with her toys 2012

2064-A17 Multi colored cat

2064-A18 Serious looking cat

2064-A19 Can you see me now

2064-A20 Nice looking cat

2064-A13 Adorable kitten

2064-A14 Pretty eyes

2064-A15 Sneaking around

2064-A16 Sleeping cat

2064-A9 Fluffy black and white cat

2064-A10 Peek a boo cat 2005

2064-A11 Sleepy cat 2004

2064-A12 Cat in a box

2064-A5 Black and white butterfly

2064-A6 Beautiful butterfly

2064-A7 Butterflies drawing

2064-A8 Dog and cat used on promotional material by Canada Post 2012

2064-A1 Pretty yellow bird

2064-A2 Bird guarding her nest

2064-A3 Black bird in field

2064-A4 Pheasant