1918a Silver Frame

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1918a-A22 Pretty orange cat 2002

1918a-A23Kissing birds

1918a-A18Cute little guy 2003

1918a-A19 White dog

1918a-A20 That's a big cow 2001

1918a-A21 Rabbit 2001

1918a-A14Write Me....Ring Me butterfly and flower 2045 in Unitrade catalogue 2004

1918a-A15Write Me....Ring Me pug 2048 in Unitrade catalogue 2004

1918a-A16Improper label blue jay

1918a-A17 Bird

1918a-A9 Dog playing with a stick

1918a-A10 Happy dog

1918a-A11 How cute

1918a-A12 Black dog

1918a-A13Beautiful dog 2002

1918a-A5 Pretty cat

1918a-A6 Black and white cat

1918a-A7 Best friends

1918a-A8 Happy dog

1918a-A1 Cute dog 2004

1918a-A2 Fluffy dog 2004

1918a-A3 Beautiful dog

1918a-A4 Playful cat