2063 Silver Ribbon Frame

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2063-P624Just married

2063-P620Little girl and a clown


2063-P622Enjoying the cool weather

2063-P615 Very cute

2063-P616Photo of W. Kasper


2063-P618Party time 2005

2063-P619Yes I am adorable

2063-P611Brotherly love

2063-P612Brother and sister

2063-P613Young couple

2063-P614Best friends

2063-P606Having lots of fun

2063-P607Look at those curls

2063-P608Great smile

2063-P609Happy couple

2063-P610Sibblings in red

2063-P601Happy little guy

2063-P602Nice crown

2063-P603Happy man

2063-P604Happy fishing

2063-P605Hmm are you sure about that

2063-P597Nice closeup


2063-P599Young love

2063-P600Great photo - too bad it is damaged

2063-P592 Look who's 90

2063-P593 Great photo

2063-P594 Happy man

2063-P595 Great photo - damaged stamp

2063-P596Happy man

2063-P587 Happy lady

2063-P588 Happy couple

2063-P589 Young love

2063-P590Happy couple


2063-P583Brother and sister

2063-P584Damaged stamp but great anniversary photo

2063-P585Business meeting

2063-P586Happy couple

2063-P578 Photographer


2063-P580Drawing of a lady

2063-P581 Pretty in pink

2063-P582Happy 60th wedding anniversary


2063-P575Happy man

2063-P576Very cute

2063-P577Nice black and white

2063-P570Titanic swin team Tonning, Germany 2005

2063-P571Great people from Germany 2010

2063-P572 125th Anniversary of organized philately in Canada 2012

2063-P573Great photo

2063-P565 Sibblings

2063-P566 Great family photo

2063-P567 Religious photo

2063-P568 Family circle

2063-P569 Gordon Stimmell wine critic

2063-P561 Family with Minnie and Mickey

2063-P562 Having a dinner party

2063-P563 Choir

2063-P564 Wedding party

2063-P557 Tug of war team

2063-P558 Lots and lots of people

2063-P559 Enjoying a dogsled ride

2063-P560 Three families

2063-P553 Lots of kids

2063-P554 Great looking family

2063-P555 Great photo

2063-P556 Special gathering

2063-P549 Family gathering around Christmas

2063-P550 Family photo

2063-P551 Friends enjoying a day on the boat

2063-P552 All girls

2063-P545 Nativite-de-Jesus

2063-P546 Family skiing

2063-P547 Family fun

2063-P548 Family get together

2063-P540 Jacques and family 2006

2063-P541 Family of three

2063-P542 Special event

2063-P543 It's picture day

2063-P544 Happy parents

2063-P535 Happy family

2063-P536 Great looking family of three

2063-P537 Three generations

2063-P538 Dad and the boys fishing

2063-P539 Great photo

2063-P531 Happy family

2063-P532 Team mates

2063-P533 Girls day out

2063-P534 All boys

2063-P527 Happy family

2063-P528 Brother in the middle

2063-P529 On vacation

2063-P530 Happy family

2063-P522 Ribbon winners

2063-P523 Happy couple

2063-P524 Happy couple

2063-P525 Father Pandosy Mission Kelowna, BC created by pkstampdesigns@gmail.com 2010

2063-P526 Color change Father Pandosy Mission Kelowna, BC created by pkstampdesigns@gmail.com 2010

2063-P518 Sibblings

2063-P519 Three happy faces

2063-P520 Three more happy people

2063-P521 Mother and kids patting a horse

2063-P514 Family in Christmas spirit

2063-P515 Happy family

2063-P516 Proud mom and dad

2063-P517 Friends

2063-P510 Wedding anniversary

2063-P511 Daniel, Dan and Scott 2010

2063-P512 Mother and sons

2063-P513 Friends

2063-P505 Happy couple

2063-P506 Great smiles

2063-P507 In memory of 35 years of marriage

2063-P508 Young couple

2063-P509 Alicia and Scott Just married 2012

2063-P501 Proud little sister

2063-P502 Happy couple

2063-P503 Happy couple

2063-P504 Two men back in the day

2063-P497 Kids on vacation

2063-P498 Vacationing couple

2063-P499 Great photo

2063-P500 Happy couple 2007

2063-P493 Kissing a snowman

2063-P494 Happy couple

2063-P495 Young couple

2063-P496 Cute couple

2063-P489 Great smiles

2063-P490 At a party

2063-P491 Friends

2063-P492 More friends

2063-P484 Young couple

2063-P485 Happy couple

2063-P486 Happy couple

2063-P487 Happy couple

2063-P488 Enjoying the summer weather

2063-P479 Happy couple

2063-P480 Grandpa and granddaughter

2063-P481 Great photo

2063-P482 Mother and child 2007

2063-P483 Brothers

2063-P475 Great smiles

2063-P476 Together for 60 years

2063-P477 Adorable Santa's little helpers

2063-P478 Happy couple

2063-P471 Friends

2063-P472 Enjoying the nice weather

2063-P473 Young love

2063-P474 Young couple

2063-P467 In love

2063-P468 Happy couple

2063-P469 Another happy couple

2063-P470 Happy couple

2063-P463 Having fun at the restaurant

2063-P464 I wonder what he is saying

2063-P465 The blues brothers

2063-P466 Young love

2063-P458 It's picture day

2063-P459 Out for a walk

2063-P460 Joy and Bill's anniversary

2063-P461 A visit from Santa

2063-P462 Little cowgirl and cowboy

2063-P453 Great photo

2063-P454 Happy anniversary

2063-P455 In love

2063-P456 Happy couple woth a couple of dogs

2063-P457 Great photo

2063-P449 Another happy couple

2063-P450 More happiness

2063-P451 Happy couple

2063-P452 Cute little pianists

2063-P445 Happy couple

2063-P446 Happy guys

2063-P447 Cute couple

2063-P448 Together forever

2063-P441 Happy couple

2063-P442 Happy couple

2063-P443 Together forever

2063-P444 Cowgirl and cowboy

2063-P436 Great photo

2063-P437 Brother and sister

2063-P438 Young couple

2063-P439 Happy couple

2063-P440 Happy couple

2063-P431 Big brother

2063-P432 Wedding photo

2063-P433 Just finsihed dinner

2063-P434 In love

2063-P435 It's picture day

2063-P427 Enjoying nature

2063-P428 Cute sisters

2063-P429 Mother and daughter

2063-P430 Young love

2063-P423 More happiness

2063-P424 Welcoming their newborn

2063-P425 Happy couple

2063-P426 Just getting out of the pool

2063-P418 Another happy couple

2063-P419 Mother teaching daughter how to ride a horse

2063-P420 Happy brothers

2063-P421 50 years together

2063-P422 Happy couple

2063-P414 Happiness

2063-P415 Young couple

2063-P416 Brother and sister

2063-P417 Happy couple

2063-P410 A couple of Germans who like Canada 2010

2063-P411 Happy couple

2063-P412 Pretty cool photo

2063-P413 Young couple

2063-P406 Having fun

2063-P407 These guys

2063-P408 Great photo

2063-P409 Little Christmas girls and their dog

2063-P401 Very cute

2063-P402 Young love

2063-P403 Happy couple

2063-P404 Another happy couple

2063-P405 Ladies from the Connecting Link Toronto area

2063-P396 Mother and baby

2063-P397 Happy couple

2063-P398 Christmas photo

2063-P399 Sweet photo

2063-P400 Young couple

2063-P392 Ready for the holidays

2063-P393 Proud big brother

2063-P394 Couple enjoying a day out in their convertible

2063-P395 Great photo

2063-P387 Couple and their dog

2063-P388 The kiss

2063-P389 Cute couple

2063-P390 Happiness

2063-P391 Happy couple

2063-P383 Lounging around

2063-P384 Mother and daughter petting a horse

2063-P385 Best friends

2063-P386 Happy young couple

2063-P379 Happy couple

2063-P380 Another happy couple

2063-P381 Happy sibblings

2063-P382 Happy couple

2063-P375 Happy sibblings

2063-P376 Friends

2063-P377 Happy couple

2063-P378 Sister and brother

2063-P371 Happy couple 2005

2063-P372 Lisa and Denver created by pkstampdesigns@gmail.com 2008

2063-P373 Reprint Lisa and Denver created by pkstampdesigns@gmail.com 2008

2063-P374Celebrating couple

2063-P367 Couple with their dog

2063-P368 Happy couple

2063-P369 Sibblings

2063-P370 Couple ready to go out on their boat

2063-P363 Best friends

2063-P364 Vacationing couple


2063-P366 Happy couple

2063-P358 Just married

2063-P359 A toast to forever

2063-P360 Wedding couple

2063-P361 Bride and groom

2063-P362 Beautiful photo

2063-P353 Just married

2063-P354 Great wedding photo

2063-P355 Another just married

2063-P356 Beautiful dresses

2063-P357 Happy couple

2063-P349Happy couple with their dogs


2063-P351Cute couple

2063-P352Happy couple